6 thoughts on “‘Why You Need A Record Label”-Insider’s Guide To Today’s Music Business

  1. Ned Kirby says:

    I can't believe that this character made this video only a year ago. Boys and Girls having a big label behind you is nifty. But if the label wants to control your master recordings copyrights and song publishing for all eternity, AND THE MAJOR LABELS WILL UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO GO A WATERLOO SIZED WAR then do NOT sign with a major label. Some of what this guy does say is true. Unfortunately. But that is exactly what is WRONG with the music industry today. Radio ( what is left of it) and the streaming sites should ( as Spotify now is) start signing their own bands. As Forbes writer Ian Morris TO A KID WHO HEARS A SONG ON APPLE'S STREAMING SITE APPLE IS THE LABEL. Labels do NOT make, distribute or account for records any more. They basically ask radio and streaming sites to PROMOTE their music for them. This guy is not a total idiot. He's a partial idiot. If you want to listen to someone who is actually clued in on the music industry of 2018 listen to Moby and a bevy of the people on TedX. There are WAYYYY more people telling artists NOT to sign with a major label today then there are like this guy telling you to sign to one. The negatives in signing to Universal FAR OUTWEIGHT the positives. Sign to them and you're an indentured slave FOREVER.

  2. Eric John says:

    Its true. you need don't necessarily need a label but you do need a team to filter out the other noise of other people trying to do the same out there. The rest is a crap shoot and comes down to pure individual talent

  3. Atem S. says:

    Finding ''THE RIGHT'' label is the biggest part of all this! A big label may be great but if the way they work, the chemistry is not there, as big as they are, I'll be pointless in my opinion! But If you found a perfect match and lightning strikes, get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

  4. Cynthia Moore says:

    Dear Mr. Rennie, Wow. I love how you use metaphors to get your point across. I do that also, all the time, much in the same way that you just did. Ok, so all I have been hearing, is that now the artist has to do all of that artist development crap them selves, and I just don't have the personality or the tolerance for all of that stuff. I just want to write the greatest songs that I willl write and unleash upon the world, for its betterment in general. I have tried to wrap my mind around this concept of do it yourself….. and I'm pretty sure I have already made a ton of mistakes, and broken a ton of rules…. but ….ummm… thats what artists/ musicians generally do, because they know that rules are meant to be broken, in fact, one of the unspoken laws of creation, is that rules are broken when they don't propel evolutions purpose anymore. With that being said, when a musician realizes that they must become an unstoppable force, or die trying, that's usually what they do. So that's what I'm doing. I love all the videos that I have seen so far, and appreciate your breaking those rules of silence. You are doing humanity a great service in doing so. Thank you! Maybe I will cross paths with you at NAMM in a few weeks. Sooner might be better though.!!

    Cynthia J. Moore

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