1. Sapphire Leonce Icon says:

    Do Not make inventory until u know you like the way your business is turning out and you like the direction it’s going in, to save money on products and equipment.Please make sure you also have a consistent audience for your business💕💕😍

  2. Myra Did says:

    Btw don’t stock up on tons of stuff because sometimes it wont sell so if you can make on demand that way it’ll save you money I’m not saying don’t have any inventory but don’t put all your money into something that you aren’t sure if it will sell fast

  3. picobery says:

    I am in the making of starting a business called joellejellybeann, I am doing portraits, stickers, templates and so much more for an affordable price, while being high quality.

    Is anyone going to buy it, cause I am scared there isn’t going to be any sales 🙁

  4. Cutiethinz says:

    Hey Cuties!!!! I’m just a small business so I hope more people could support me. I’m selling cute squishies, homemade squishies and many more items!!!! It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY INSTAGRAM 👉👉👉 @cutiethinz

    1. Shipping only to Canada🇨🇦 and USA🇺🇸
    2. No returns❌
    3. CC and Paypal📬
    4. Dm me to order❤️
    5. Shipping fee varies✌️

  5. Manila Preneur says:

    I started my business month of June-September now I've been getting support and hit 1270 followers in 3 months and made maybe 200 orders and I have alot of business inspirations that I look up to. im just 13 years old and I manage this myself in instagram and my friends help me so I wont be stressed HAAHAHAHAH! thanks for the tip 🙂 check out my shop in insta, gelatoapparels

  6. hi UwU says:

    I really wnat to make my own small sticker or maybe earings made with little toys business I have an Instagram account full off cute chibis I have drew my art account only have 160 followers and I'm only 13…and I'm anonymous people don't know who I am, how long should I wait til I start my own business and how do I ask my parents???

  7. Besties With Cats says:

    I want to have a Etsy/Website/social media-based business that has something to do with my passion for dogs and other animals, I’m thinking dog/ animal tags, clothes, collars, or phone cases but specializing in pet portraits. If you guys have any other ideas please reply! I’m doing it with my best friends but one still needs to asked, this friend owns my yt channel with me so…. Hay Katie when you see this wanna be in my business? I’ll edit what she says but subscribe and if she says yes we will post stuff on our business here and do many giveaways! Please sub! Luv you all.
    Also if you read this far, first off wow you got willpower, second off, please like this comment, and subscribe!!!

  8. Opal Playz Roblox says:

    These tips helped me get ready to start my lip gloss business I haven’t opened it yet but o will update this comment when I do it will be on Etsy and it is called LovelyLipCosmetics to anybody that is wondering if anybody could check it out when I open it I would really appreciate it

  9. Memo Alalawi says:

    I’m going to start a business very soon, I’m doing the final preparations tomorrow and it will be up in two days, although it’s only in my country if I get big and get enough money I will be shipping I’m really excited !

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