7 thoughts on “DJ Business Tips | Getting Started As A Mobile DJ with Dr. Drax | #DJNTV

  1. Dj Fingers Flores says:

    in today's "professional dj" market i have come to find out that it's roughly 10% dj skills and 90% image & being a good salesman. When you become a Master Marketer "perceived value" is your best friend. Great video, thanks John

  2. Ben says:

    Two suggestions. 1> Add links to your sponsors in the description. 2> Add links to the websites that you talk about in the description. It would help your sponsors and it will help us. Also, the website(s) of your guests.

  3. Jose Angel Otero says:

    Thanks for the wisdom. The best advice that I can offer an apprentice is to work for a multi-op DJ company in order to gain invaluable experience. Then the person can decide if they want to go out on their own or find a role model (Dr. Drax) and follow their strategy.

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