12 thoughts on “coffee shop business plan – how to set up coffee shop

  1. Dennis Sehic says:

    i have a coffee shop for over 7 yr , well let me tell u some of the info in this video are ok , and true but man of it is bs like less than 25K pla just getting your espresso machine and few other coolers and what not few tables and chairs u already getting close to the 25 k just 3 k is in fees for licenses inspections and what not ….. a year free of rent lease ,,, wow i wish i can run into someone like this and leasing equipment is waist of money i done it once never again example i leased a undercounter ice machine that cost me over 5k where i could of owned it for almost 3 k well that is the trick of leasing BE CAREFULL ///

  2. Cedarsable 101 says:

    I'm planning to open one I'm thinking of food safety, high lease payment of three to six months payment ahead. How to bit those fears at the moment is that I can see the need in our area. since the old one is closed. I'm still doing research. How can you help me private.

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