11 thoughts on “A Music Business Plan For The Independent Musician

  1. Howlin' Waters says:

    Old information – talking about 'albums' … music consumers are more interested in 'singles' these days, not albums.  The young bands I know only release singles, or at most 3-4 song EP's.

  2. Spectoral says:

    The average squeeze page does not convert at anywhere near 25%. Not unless you're looking at the day they sent it to friends and family. General public convert at more like 2%.

  3. TNT Explosive Sounds says:

    Very informative video It built my confidence in my ability to not only make a reasonable living out of promoting my music but also getting the numbers I needed for my business plan for our Record Label thanks

  4. Maximillian A. Munguia says:

    Great points made here. If I may share some constructive criticism: you spoke an Exhausting amount of numbers….. It's a bit off-putting.. But those with the attention span and patience will benefit from watching the whole video.

  5. LikeToStayFresh says:

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